Tomorrow's Top Producer

Published on: 13:31PM Jan 26, 2011

I am in Chicago this week attending both the Top Producer conference and yesterday I attended the Tomorrow's Top Producer and also gave a brief talk on income tax changes for 2011.  There appears to be about 100 of tomorrow's best farmers attending the conference and at lunch time, my wife and I were talking with 4 college senior man from Northwest Missouri University who all live in Southwestern Iowa and will be going back to the family farm soon.

As my wife said, what outstanding young men and I think that American farmers will be well represented by these young men (plus they also laughed at my jokes).

There were several good presentations on what it takes to be an efficient manager of a farm operation both as a young producer and laying the groundwork for when they are no longer young.  If you are a young farmer, I would highly recommend attending this conference next year.

I will try to provide a daily update of the conference over the next few days.