Wednesday Optimistic - Thursday Pessimistic

Published on: 13:37PM Dec 16, 2014

The Hill is reporting that progress was made by the Senate yesterday in getting several nominees confirmed. These confirmations do take time and the estimated day of final passage of the Tax Extender Bill is either late Wednesday or sometime on Thursday.

"Senators will vote to end debate and confirm Sarah Saldaña, Obama’s nominee to head Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, and Tony Blinken, the choice to serve as Deputy Secretary of State. Senate aides then expect the GOP to drop objections to faster consideration of executive and judicial nominees once Saldaña and Blinken clear the floor. "

As usual Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) vows to hold up the process on Sarah Saldana. Senator Rubio (R-Florida) vows to hold up on the process on Tony Blinken.

"Senate aides say a one-year extension of expired tax breaks will be one of the last items to move because it has strong support on both sides of the aisle and gives lawmakers incentive to stay in town to complete other work. They predict it will pass quickly once put on the schedule."

We are coming to the finish line and there appears to be no major obstacles in the way. Just some minor ones. It will get done in time for Christmas.