Wheat Market Update with a Northwest Bent

Published on: 13:06PM Jul 14, 2011

The Northwest Farm Credit Services has just posted a nice four page summary of winter and spring wheat conditions in the Pacific Northwest.  This growing region includes Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

The region has been especially cool and wet this spring with most typical harvest delays of at least two weeks.  Stripe rust appears to be a large problem this year due to the weather and many growers have had to apply fungicide at least three or more times to combat it.

However, even with the weather  issues, most every grower in the region will have an above average crop.  For example, growers in Montana that might enjoy 50 to 80 bushel yields are expecting 80 to 100 bushels this year.

I am personally going to help my cousins in the Walla Walla area harvest for a few days next month and I would expect to be harvesting wheat that may approach 140 bushels or more (remember driving a combine is my idea of a vacation).