Will Tax Inversion Debate Yield Permanent Section 179

Published on: 07:26AM Sep 10, 2014

Congress is currently debating some type of tax inversion bill to make it more expensive to change a company's tax domicile from the US to overseas. This post will not discuss the merits of those proposals, but just let you know there is some discussion that along with the tax inversion changes that Congress will offset these revenue increases with making certain expiring tax provisions permanent. One of those could be making Section 179 permanent at the $500,000 level or even $1 million as previously proposed.

There is some bipartisan efforts to get this done before the completely recess for the election, however, the chances of this happening is still somewhere between slim and none. If it does happen, I would still expect it to occur in the lame duck session after the election and before year-end.