Hog Comments - 10/16/09 USDA finds H1N1 in PRELIMINARY test on MN hogs.

Published on: 17:30PM Oct 22, 2009

Hog Comments – 10/16/09 USDA finds H1N1 in PRELIMINARY test on MN hogs.

The USDA confirmed a positive test result on an unknown number of show pigs that were at the Minnesota State Fair between Aug 26th and Sept 1st.   The actual test results are pending and should be available in a matter of days.  For more information click on the USDA press release below and some other links to more articles.

There is no public health treat according to the USDA as we have seen H1N1 in hogs from some Canadian farms early this year.  My only concern is how the media will spin this in light of the current outbreak of H1N1.  It has hit the South Dakota area pretty bad but luckily the symptoms have been mild.  My family was confirmed with H1N1 on Monday of this week and I can tell you first hand it has been mild but it hasn't run its course yet either.  


USDA News Release

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