Cargill opposes mandates and subsidies

Published on: 07:46AM Sep 15, 2008
When Greg Page, Cargill Chairman and CEO, was invited recently to speak on the future of food at the Chautauqua Institute, he decided to organize his presentation by interviewing himself, promising to “show myself no quarter”. His questions included: What is Cargill’s position on food versus fuel?
Cargill is against mandates and against subsidies,” Page said. “We believe that there can be an appropriately sized biofuels industry, if done in moderation, sensitive to the needs of people with lower incomes. Biofuels is another way to harvest photosynthesis. However, carried out on the scale that it is being talked about today, spurred on by government mandates and subsidies, we think biofuels can be troublesome for the world’s food system and for land use.”
Go to to view Page’s entire presentation entitled “Trusting Photosynthesis: Thoughts on the future of global food production”.