Can FamilyFarms Truly Open Up?

Published on: 23:27PM May 22, 2012

I met with members of FamilyFarms Group (FFG) on the bluffs above the Mississippi River as part of an exclusive media event designed to "open the doors" to FFG. Allen Lash, CEO of FFG, along with several staff and a handful of FFG farm team members, were on hand to talk about their experiences. Tomorrow, we spend the day at FFG's Brighton, Ill., headquarters.

Lash kicked off the evening by saying this event is an opportunity to "share" and be "more transparent." I look forward to hearing more from this group, one that Top Producer has followed through the years. FFG is a unique business model that has had its challenges, and its years of secrecy have only served to stoke the rumor mill. I continually receive emails and letters from Top Producer readers asking for more information on this group, which now comprises more than 380,000 member acres.

Here are the stories I wrote from this week's event:


FamilyFarms Group allowed select media behind its typically closed doors to learn more about this member-only group of family farms.

Lifting the Veil on FamilyFarms Group
FamilyFarms Group is unlike anything else in the ag industry, making it hard for farmers and suppliers to understand this closed-door group.
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