Destination: Kenya

Published on: 13:41PM Nov 05, 2012
This week I'll be in Kenya on the International Federation of Ag Journalists/AgriTerra E-4-D tour. The goal of this tour is to shed light on co-op work in Kenyan agriculture. You can follow me on twitter at #topproducermag or on my blog: Top of Mind
I arrived in Nairobi, Kenya, late last night after a 20 hour flight from Chicago, IL through Amsterdam. Today, I spent time understanding Kenyan history at the National Museum in Nairobi and touring Nairobi. This photo is of the park downtown where Kenyan President Kenyatta gives speeches to citizens. On Sunday afternoons, many Kenyans have picnics in this park. 
Tomorrow, our tour (including 16 journalists from around the world) leaves early for the town of Kiserian (south of Nairobi). We will visit the Kiserian Livestock Market & Slaughterhouse and the Keekoyonie pastoralist field school. We hop to  have opportunities to meet and interview Maasai farmers.
We will also visit a small pig farmer, dealing with Farmers Choice (one of the biggest pig meat companies of Africa) in the area Lower Kabete. Possibly, we will also visit a small holder with pigs who does not deal with Farmers Choice and a poultry farmer with turkeys. Both in Kiambaa.
Here's a map of where I'll travel:
Africa map
A Few Facts About Kenya:
  • Kenya has a land area of 582 square kilmoeters, but only a third of its land is possible to grow crops.
  • About 75% of Kenya's 41 million citizens work in agriculture. The unemployement rate is 40%.
  • Kenyan horticulture provides 33% to GDP - 35% of all flowers sold in Europe come from Kenya.
  • Dairy is important it makes up 6-8% of Kenyan GDP.
Check back often for more news from Africa, agriculture's new frontier.