An Unfair Change?

Published on: 19:10PM Feb 11, 2009
   I wanted to throw in my two cents on program rule changes - I think I read something on AgWeb and maybe John Phipps talked about it on US Farm Report.  I think the rule change is extremely unfair to those of us that have traditionally grown non-program crops.  We have smaller program acreages as a result of historically growing non-program crops and as a result are not receiving payments on vegetable crop acres.  With the rule change corn-soybean growers would be getting a subsidy to compete against us - I am happy to compete but the field needs to be level.  Either we get paid on non-program acres or corn-soybean growers give up payments on non-program crops.  Actually I would like to see payments eliminated for all crops but that is probably another discussion.  Thanks for your interest.
Craig Phelps
Livingston County, NY