Asia Trade Union?

Published on: 09:50AM Oct 29, 2009
Howdy USFR Folks,
    I guess my question is for Mr. Pell and his Round Table Experts.  I heard on one of those market watch shows, that Thailand, China, India, Japan and other countries were going to form a Trade Union to compete with the EU and America's.  The spokesman I think was the Prime Minister of Thailand.
   What drew my attention was his comments and goals for the Union. He stated that they were not going to depend on the Western consumer for the exportation of less durable goods, such as
electronics, clothing and similar items. Rather they were going to build their export scheme
more along the lines of commodities such as grains and livestock.  In this way they were going to
be more competitive in the Global Markets. Less Industrialized and more Agriculture.
It may take awhile for them to get established, but a few years down the road they could be a major player.  I sure would like to hear some of Mr. Pell's and the other market Experts thoughts on this.
James Heath