Comments & a Couple Suggestions...

Published on: 10:25AM Nov 02, 2009
Editor's Note:  The following are viewer comments received following the October 31-November 1 edition of the program...

   Why send, Al to major farm shows only to do the round table? That is just as easily done on the set. Reporting on new inventions by small businesses, small exhibitors and live cattle demonstrations would be much more educational and entertaining.
   Not to effect the question above but if all those blow hards had all the answers they would be so wealthy from the Chicago Board of trade they would be marlin fishing in Miami and retired.
Best regards,
Gary Vits
Decatur, IL

   Thanks for making Baxter Black part of your weekly program.  He is the best!
Orville Goodenough
Morrison, IL

   I work and live on a 6000 acre potato farm called Sackett Potatoes here in Michigan. I was wondering if it would be possible if you could do a segment on the chip potato industry here in Michigan. The chip potato industry is the backbone of Michigan agriculture and is growing more than any industry here.  Thank you for your time.