Hello from Cotton Country

Published on: 09:33AM Dec 05, 2008
     I'm a 3rd generation Cotton Farmer on my first real crop. The gap between my father and grandfathers farming operations spans nearly 50 years. I purchased a one row horse drawn planter a few years back at a farm where my grandfather had share cropped and found some cotton planting plates in the planter. This sparked an idea.  I guess farming is in my blood. The cotton I grew this year made the front page of the local newspaper because of the gap in cotton production in Piedmont section of North Carolina. My farming operation looks like a page from a Harris Barnes cotton farming  book. This year I got invited to the farm show in Boone , IA and took a tour of the Monstanto Pipeline products. This really made me see how small my operation was but how well informed I was in the AG world because of your show. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Mark Phelps
Clemmons, North Carolina