John's World Request

Published on: 14:50PM Nov 13, 2008
I would like to read your commentary to my sales staff that aired on Sunday November 9th if at all possible. Enjoyed the show tremendously - great job!  Scott Smith

Editor's Note: 
   Here is a transcript of the John's World commentary that aired November 9-10, 2008:

There are points in our lives when the best we can do is simply try to take in what is happening around us, and leave the analysis for a later date. For me this week has been on such time.

To begin with, we are harvesting a field that I was pretty sure would be my worst yield.  I was being optimistic.  It has been brutally disappointing.  I know from experience how this can drop my mood for several days.

At the same time, I am concerned about the outlook for 2209 for farmers - and just about everybody else.

Jobs are beginning to disappear and we have friends and family who know this anxiety. Meanwhile, it appears the best economic minds we have are at a loss.

Finally, we have the election.  Regardless of your own reaction to the result, I think it is fair to say few of us could have pictured the events we are living right now.

One thing does seem certain to me.  The world has exceeded our prediction capabilities. Therefore, looking for soothsayers to guide us is likely useless.  Each of us must take charge of predicting our own path. 

And when you do, remember this: More is possible than we have ever imagined before.  And that applies to good things as well as bad.