Lots of Feedback

Published on: 12:07PM Nov 16, 2009
Editor's Note:  Below are comments generated from the November 14-15, 2009 edition of U.S. Farm Report...

Dear US Farm Report, 
   You have done an excellent job reporting on this fall's problematic harvest, from high moisture levels and high drying costs, with high yields that are testing the capacity of both on-farm storage and elevator acceptance, to today's report of tight propane supplies.   I have also watched with interest your reporting of the development of new equipment for the harvesting of corn cobs to use for cellulosic ethanol.  The investment of dollars for this equipment looks to be huge.
    I can't help but think of how the farmers of a mere generation or two ago would have dealt with these dilemmas, and I can't believe that nobody has talked about it.  A switch back to harvesting ear corn would provide free drying with no associated fuel consumption, economical storage options, and a huge supply of corn cobs as a by-product.  Perhaps the grain and cellulosic ethanol could even be produced together in one process!
    I realize that harvesting and handling ear corn is not the fastest process in the world, and may not be feasible for a single producer who wants to farm an entire county.  However, large acreages of seed corn are already harvested this way, not to mention the amount of ear corn harvested across the country in the past.  With the amount of money being spent on bins, dryers, combines, propane, and now cob harvesting equipment, it is not unreasonable to think there might be an opportunity for a smaller producer to compete with pickers, cribs, and shellers.
    Sometimes instead of trying to "think outside the box", we can find the answers are as simple as taking a look inside the old boxes we have thrown away.  
Derek England

   Why isn't anyone in the media or in Congress talking about the inability of the U.S.A. to feed its people with imports?  We are slowly outsourcing the production of agricultural products and no one is talking about it, why?  Are we going down the same path as we did with oil?  The ag death tax takes two-million acres out of production every year and we do nothing.
Gary Walker
Walker Ranches

   I am a city slicker who has enjoyed watching your program or listening on the radio. Over the years you have opened my eyes to all the trials and tribulations faced by American farmers and dairy producers. I have also enjoyed your sharing your insight and personal experiences.
   Your spot on farm safety really struck home with me. Every year in our area there is a farm fatality suffered by farmers with many years of experience . Please keep up the good work. Have a great Thanksgiving.
Bill Carey

   I set the alarm at 5:00 am each Saturday morning to watch the US Farm Report.  I really enjoy it and always get a kick out of Baxter Black's portion.  Great show...Keep it up.
Gary Cromwell
Lexington, KY

   I thoroughly enjoy the new time for Agday. 8 AM EST fits right in with my cattle feeding schedule.
Chuck Crutcher
Rineyville, KY