John's Shop Tour

Published on: 00:20AM Mar 09, 2015

Long time viewer and correspondent Joe Carlson from Issaquah, Washington gives me the opening I have been waiting for:

“I was also struck by what looks like a well-equipped woodshop in the background, as you were speaking.  if you can work in more of the shop in future segments, I’d love it.” 

Joe, send me your address, you just won a U.S. Farm Report mug. I’ve had several e-mails suggesting too many of you are ignoring my words of wisdom to check out the power tools in the background.

So, here is the 5-cent tour. As I have stressed before, I built this 36 by 60 workshop just so we would have something to attach Jan’s 9 by 16 greenhouse to. I’m joking, of course, this is a dream made possible by $7 corn, and I don’t regret one cent.

The woodworking area is mainly is one end, with cabinets and storage around the sides. My 10 inch cabinet table saw is situated in the center with enough side and outfeed surface to handle full sheets of plywood.  A surface planer sits alongside and the jointer next to the wall. Taking some advice from a friend, I buried the dust collection duct for both before pouring the floor.

Along the west wall is a radial arm and miter saw with cabinets built from plans from new Yankee workshop. The band saw is on rollers at one end. Opposite is a scroll saw, drill press, drum and belt sanders, and my router table.

My main workbench is made from native oak and butcher block seconds. I have a midi-lathe for turning small objects, mostly pens. All around are repainted cabinets from our kitchen remodeling. At the opposite end are the finish room and a bathroom. Hand and power tools are stored in rolling and fixed cabinets and drawers. High power fluorescent lights are crucial.

I build furniture for my family, help Jan with craft projects for her master gardeners, and assist would-be hobbits craft an exact replica of Bilbo’s sting.

This is my happy place, which is why I enjoy doing most of my video work for USFR here. Thanks for visiting.