Viewers React: Chocolate Milk Ban

Published on: 08:37AM May 17, 2011

***Editor's Note:  The following comments were in reaction to a proposal by the Los Angeles School District to ban chocolate milk from lunchrooms...

#1:  What happened to freedom of choice? I have three boys that it if wasn't for the chocolate in the milk they wouldn't drink it.
Shannan Boykin
Abilene, TX
#2: John I've seen the light, parents should not be allowed to choose the milk type for their kids. The government should establish regulations for good eating habits and health. Oh by the way you wear some nice ties on the show. You know some times in the fall when coming home from church I've stopped by the farm to check on the dryer and even dumped a load of corn still warring my suit and tie that could be a bad choise. I think maybe we need a government regulation on farmers not warring tie's because everyone knows we're in a hurry and not careful around PTO shafts. After all it's for our own good, what do you think. I think people should grow up and not think Government stands for Mommy and Daddy. Thank You.
Kevin Draves
Midland, MI
#3:  I found the story on chocolate milk interesting today.  I about fell out of my recliner when I heard the Doctor's show recommend it yesterday. I have been a little leery of that group when they promoted for a week the bad food kids get at school last fall.  When the show came it was because the kids get "spent"  chicken.  I thought well what do they think doctors have been recommending for centuries but chicken soup, and it is generally made out of old hens, or spent chickens. Their recommendation for an after workout drink was low fat chocolate milk over water and energy drinks.
Dave Whitson
Retired County Agent
Joplin, MO