Viewers Speak: John's World & the Solar Alternative

Published on: 17:18PM Feb 06, 2014

 ***Editor’s Note:  The following viewer comments were received in response to the February 1-2, 2014 edition of U.S. Farm Report:


#1:  The purpose of this e-mail is to compliment you on the excellent program you put on each week and that we watch regularly…a few comments ala John Phipps are in order.  John reminds me of a Political Science prof I had many, many years ago.  He used to taunt students and attack conventional thinking--all to get them to think and challenge him.  I do agree with the idea you espoused about GMO labeling by the way.  I have missed Gary Wilhelmi and was saddened to hear of his passing -- his often irreverent comments were entertaining and right on the money.  Mike Hoffman's weather is one of the best on TV!  Tyne Morgan does a super job.  We ask the producers to give her more time or less to say so she doesn't have to speak so rapidly!  The re-format that put the market stuff together in the first half hour was a good move.  The whole process is much more effective this way.  Now who am I that I watch the program so assiduously along with Ag Day?  We don't raise or sell corn, beans, or wheat and you couldn't turn any of the mega equipment around in our fields. I retired from another profession in 2000 and shortly thereafter, flunked retirement.  We purchased my family farm in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and operate it full time raising registered Dexter cattle and Old Spot pigs.  Crops are hay, oats, barley and a little winter wheat.  The farm has doubled in size since we started and is now about 300 acres.  As I tell people, I saved a little money over the years and I'm going to farm ‘til it's gone! Our Best Wishes to you all. Jim Countryman and Agnes Sparpanic - Tolfree Farms - Ontonagon, MI


#2:  Hi Guys - in your report about propane and natural gas prices, I am curious why farmers don't convert to solar? With the long term benefits I would think more would be doing it. Lawrence Schuchart


#3:  Dear John, it is amazing how many Saturday mornings I wake up just before 5 a.m. without an alarm to watch the show.  Grew up on a Wisconsin dairy farm and I watch just to talk agriculture to my 85-yr-old retired father!  What are you hearing out there in the ag world about the new farm bill?  You and your team keep up the good work and tell Baxter Black, I love him too!!!   Sincerely, Lucinda on 22 acres near Bevent, WI