What's With the Stuffed Suits???

Published on: 10:11AM Dec 13, 2010

   With all their combined “final thoughts”, there seems to be just one common, pathetic theme: “You pitiful farmers out there are helpless without us!”  Mark Gold even takes it one step further in his pandering, center stage plea to ‘just pick one of us’, there’s bound to be someone up here you agree with.  Come on!!

   The entire ludicrous premise that every producer MUST automatically run to the CBOT, with its endless list of ways to screw up in the name of “risk management” , and one of these 15 self promoting  ‘learned ones’, all of whom professing to know the secret LaSalle Street handshake and of having the keys to decode the “futures game” for us unwashed dirtfarmers, is worse than a waste of air time. It’s a dangerous indoctrination tool!
   You want to help farmers to “manage their risk”? Bring guests on who’ll tell producers how to avoid the CBOT’s bag of tricks and how to think for themselves rather than waste their money on these “stuffed shirts”! Believe me, the average farmer is already every bit as smart as these “15 deep thinkers” (no offense to the ‘average’ farmer).
Dick House
Arthur, IL