Yellow Tractor Ideas

Published on: 10:20AM Oct 11, 2010

***Editor's Note:  We asked viewers for more information on an old yellow tractor featured in Tractor Tales - the responses are below...



    I’m 99 percent sure the yellow tractor is because it is a commercial model, not and agricultural model.  It has all the signs.  The yellow paint is obviously a solid sign.  In addition, the C on the model number stamped on the tractor as shown in your video is indicative of a “commercial” tractor.  Also, the fact that the tractor was owned by an airline in combination with the other two signs of commercial, make for the third indication.
    I have two quick examples of other commercial models of what would normally be agricultural tractors.  John Deere has had commercial/industrial tractors through the years.  The link here is for a 420 John Deere.
    We have a Case industrial/commercial antique tractor.  The old “VAC” Cases were agricultural models.  We have a VIC, which is a similar tractor but an industrial/commercial version.
    I’m sure there is significantly more information available, but that is a bit of my commercial/industrial knowledge.
Dave E. Anderson



That Eastern Airlines tractor you showed would have been a custom model, made for EAL by Ford for use on runway areas. Custom models were made by many companies similar to being able to order custom model vehicles. Yellow was a safety color for equipment around airfields to include military airfields. I spent a career in the Air Force and most of our equipment for the flightline and runway areas came delivered safety yellow although eventually they made most of it olive drab with white reflector tape for night obviously for camoflage, A lot of the equipment that was yellow has gone to that flourescent safety green now but for the same reason of visibility when they are around aircraft. I'm not sure why EAL would have ordered a cultivator type tractor but it may have had some attached equipment like a runway brush that the center steering setup worked better for.
Russ Blakeman
Clarkson, KY