Sen. Grassley Invites GMA, Execs to Meeting on Food-to-Fuel Controversy

Published on: 07:22AM Jun 16, 2008

By Jim Wiesemeyer
via a special arrangement with Informa Economics, Inc.

USDA Secretary Schafer will attend

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Sen. Grassley invites GMA, company execs to meeting on food-to-fuels controversy. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) on Friday sent letters to the president of the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and 15 chief executives from several companies that are GMA members regarding a meeting he wants to hold with them to discuss the food-to-fuels issue. USDA Secretary Ed Schafer has already said he would attend the meeting.

What Grassley said in letter: “I’m happy to have a dialogue with these CEOs. I think they’ll have a lot to offer and be able to better explain whether this campaign is more interested in the acceleration of advanced biofuels as (GMA President Cal) Dooley claims, or the ‘bottom line’ for food producers as was stated by GMA’s vice president for federal affairs,” Grassley said.

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