Average Cash Rent In Iowa Reaches $184 Per Acre

Published on: 16:30PM May 18, 2010

Mike Walsten

Cash rents in Iowa average $184 for 2010, according to the annual survey of cash rental rates conducted by Iowa State University. That compares to $183 for 2009 -- an increase of 0.5%. The survey found cash rents both increased and decreased across the state, depending on the area. For instance, average cash rents rose by $6 in both the northeast and southwestern crop repording districts and by $5 an acre in the south central district. These increases represented percentage gains of 3.2%, 3.5% and 3.4% respectively. The northeast district reached $192 an acre, the southwest district $176 and the south central district $151 an acre.

However, the north central district fell $5 an acre, 2.6%, to an average of $191 an acre; the southeast district declined $4 an acre, 2.3%, to an average of $169 an acre; the central district eased $2 an acre, 1%, to an average of $195 an acre; and the west central district slipped $1 an acre, 0.5%, to an average of $195 an acre.

Five of the state's nine crop reporting districts recorded an increase in average cash rents while four reported a decline. The highest average cash rent was reported in the east central district at $196 an acre up $3, or 1.6%, an acre versus last year. The highest average cash rent last year, $197 an acre, was reported in the central district, which reported a decline of $2 an acre on average this year.

There are plenty of details in this report, which you can access by clicking here. The report itself is based on the data supplied by 1,249 individuals -- 45% farmers, 31% landowners, 9% professional farm managers, 11% lenders and 4% other professions.

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