Economic Progress Versus Greens In Colorado Road Test

Published on: 16:45PM Apr 20, 2010

Mike Walsten

The Obama Administration has run full face up against two competing interests -- it's "green/enviro" interest that wants to see a decade-old policy called "roadless" wilderness kept in place versus it's push to expand jobs. The issue is a request by Colorado Governor Bill Ritter (Dem.) to allow some road building on protected national forest land to expand oil drilling, coal mining and ski areas as well as allow removal of dead timber caused by the pine bettle infestations to reduce fire risk. The governor sees it as a jobs builder as well as a safety issue to reduce forest fire risk and says his proposal enhances conservation in much of the remainder of the state's roadless forest land. Enviros howl because that's what they do. It will be interesting to see what happens on this issue. It may have some implications for future landowner property rights issues.

Click here for the full story, which ran April 19, 2010 in the Wall Street Journal.

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