Hedge Fund Turns To Farmland

Published on: 14:35PM Dec 29, 2009

Mike Walsten

A newly established hedge fund will soon invest in American farmland, reports The Sundy Times. The story, written by Kate Walsh and published December 27, 2009, states Optima Fund Management, with offices in New York, London and Bermuda, has launched a $100 million fund to invest in arable land in Arizona and vineyards in California. The fund is called American Farmland Company, which will buy up to 15 farms totaling 10,000 acres. The average size of the farms will be 500 acres, The Times reports. American Farmland Company will manage the farms.

The story states fund manager Dixon Boardman believes: "that economic recovery, continued population growth and increased incomes, especially in emerging markets, will create rising demand for food." Sound familiar? It should to any subscriber to LandOwner.

This fund is not the only one to announce plans to invest in farmland. According to the website FINalternatives, Pharos Financial Advisors recently launched a $350 million private equity fund to buy and manage farmland in Eastern Europe, Eurasia and Africa. Click here for more.

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