Nebraska Cropland Values Rise 5% to 6%, Pasture Fell 5.6% In 2009

Published on: 11:02AM Mar 22, 2010

Mike Walsten

The value of dryland cropland with no irrigation potential rose 6.4% across Nebraska as of February 1, 2010. That's according to preliminary findings from the 2010 University of Nebraska-Lincoln Farm Real Estate Survey. Meanwhile, dryland cropland with potential for irrigation development rose 7.3% on average with wide variation across the state depending on development restrictions and opportunities. State-wide the value of gravity irrigated corpland rose 5.2% and the value of center-pivot irrigated cropland rose 6.1%.

While cropland values rose, the value of non-tillable grazing land fell 5.6% with even greater declines recorded in the major range areas of the state. According to Bruce Johnson, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln agricultural economist who conducts the annual survey, the combination of upward gains for cropland and downward pressure from rangeland led to an overall statewide increase of 4.4% for all Nebraska agricultural land.

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