Average 2013 Iowa Cash Rent Reaches $270 an Acre, ISU Survey

Published on: 15:36PM May 08, 2013

Mike Walsten

The average cash rent in Iowa rose 7% to $270 an acre, according to the annual Iowa State University survey conducted by William Edwards and Ann Johanns. By crop reporting district, the survey found the highest average cash rent is $297 an acre, listed in the central crop reporting district, followed by $294 an acre reported in both the north-central and west-central districts. The east-central district follows with an average of $284. The northwest district reports an average of $283 an acre. The northeast district lists an average of $281 an acre. The southwest district reports an average of $257 an acre followed by $229 an acre in the southeast district and $210 an acre in the south-central district.

The 2013 state average is $18 higher than 2012's $252 average. It is $87, or 47.5%, higher than the 2009 average. That's just five crop seasons ago.

Grundy County carries the honor for the highest average cash rent. It posts an average of $363 an acre. It is followed by Ida County with an average of $343 an acre; Bremer and Franklin counties, $329; Scott and Hardin, $328; Sioux, $325; Butler, $323; and Story, $320 an acre. A total of 24 counties report an average cash rent of $300 or more.

The survey lists cash rents in ranges for high-, average- and low-quality cropland. Looking at rents for high-quality cropland, Ida leads the state with an average of $426 an acre. That is followed by Grundy with an average of $423; Scott, $420; Bremer, $418; and Butler, $400 an acre.

The highest rent listed in the survey is $610 an acre paid for high-quality cropland in Bremer County. Four counties list top-end rents of $550 an acre; five report a top-end rent of $525; one reports $510 and sixteen report $500 an acre.

Some low rents were reported, too. For instance, of the 57 counties in the upper two thirds of the state (crop districts 1-6), 14 counties reported low-end rents under $200 for top-quality cropland.

Click here for the full survey.

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