Good Missouri Cropland Posts 19% Annual Increase

Published on: 16:34PM Sep 25, 2012

Mike Walsten

The value of good Missouri cropland increased 18.9% for the year ending in July, according to a survey conducted by University of Missouri Extension. The survey found cropland value rose in 17 of the 20 areas of the state with good cropland rising $612 an acre to an average of $3,847. Average-quality cropland rose 15.0% to an average of $2,955 an acre while poor-quality cropland increased 16.8% to an average value of $2,264 an acre.

Pasture values increased in 16 areas with the state average for good pasture rising 7.7% to a value of $2,227 an acre. Non-crop/non-pasture land values increased in 17 areas with the statewide average $160 higher at $1,578 an acre. Land with timber was valued lower in 10 areas with the state average down $15 an acre at $1,630 an acre.

Over the next 12 months, respondents expect cropland values to increase about 3%, pasture to rise about 1.6% and other types of rural land to remain steady.

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