Iowa Cash Lease Auction Sees $400 to $530 Winning Bids

Published on: 12:35PM Feb 06, 2012

Mike Walsten

A ray of sunshine in the normally opaque Iowa cash lease market was cast last week as 3,300 acres were auctioned for lease. Terms: two years with 25% of 2012's lease due February 1 and 75% due March 1, 2012; 25% of 2013's lease due January 15 and 75% due March 1, 2013.

The land offered ranged from Cass and Guthrie Counties to Hardin, Butler, Hancock, Franklin, Cerro Gordo and Mitchell. Basically the auctions ranged from $400 an acre to $530 an acre. One tract of 52 CSR soils, prone-to-flooding soils brought $325. Here are other samples: CSR 78 to 92 ground in Hardin County brought $460 to $530; CSR 62 ground in Mitchell Co. brought $400 an acre while CSR 86 Mitchell soil brought $530 an acre; CSR 76 to 81 ground in Cass and Guthrie brought $475 and $525 an acre; CSR 67.7 ground in Butler Co. brought $435 while CSR 71.6 land brought $520; CSR 71.4 and 72 ground in Cerro Gordo brought $490 and $500 an acre; 214 tillable acres of CSR 55.2 ground in Hancock County brought $450 an acre; Franklin county tracts with CSRs ranging from 68 to 84 ranged from $425 to $520.

Click here to look at the details more closely. Al Hughes Auction Service, Glenwood, Iowa, handled the auction for owner Charles E. Lakin.

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