Iowa Farmer: "American Farmland Has Been Way Too Cheap"

Published on: 09:00AM Dec 23, 2010

Mike Walsten

The idea U.S. farmland is "way to cheap" may sound ludicrous to some, but that's the opinion offered by James Freeland, who farms near Corning, Iowa. He expressed his beliefs in a guest opinion in the Des Moines Register, December 22. (click here for the full column.) How can he say that you ask? He looks at the value of productive farmland in other developed countries and reasons U.S. values, along with the security, stability and safety offered by farmland ownership, are under priced.

He writes: "American farmland has been way too cheap and it took this serious international economic downturn to finally make this apparent. The tide of investor money in this country and worldwide is looking for a place to settle, a place it can call home, where it is safe and protected, where it will earn a return forever, where it cannot be vaporized by Wall Street, where it is part of a community, where it will retain its value in inflationary times."

It's interesting reading.

Click here for the full column.

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