Three Interesting Reads

Published on: 12:16PM Oct 07, 2011

Mike Walsten

Here are three recent news reports I found interesting. You might, too. The three ran on Bloomberg news service. The first story is headlined "Soaring Farmland Prices in U.S. Midwest Bring Fed Scrutiny of Rural Banks." The story's thrust is self evident. Click here for the full story.

The second story is headlined "Farmland Seen Returning Up to 12% by U.S. Pensions Manager." It's interesting to get the perspective of the manager of the largest pension fund manager for teachers and researchers. Click here for that story.

The final story is longer but very intriguing as it outlines some of the issues of managing a farm in the Black Earth region of the Ukraine. The story is headlined "Morgan Stanley Bet the Farm in Ukraine Before Taxpayers' Bailout." Click here for this story.

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