World Bank Sees Positives In Big-Block Land Sales, But Wants Controls

Published on: 16:29PM Sep 09, 2010

Mike Walsten

The anticipated study from the World Bank (see World Bank to Issue Warning on 'Farmland Grab') into the sale of large blocks of land by some less-developed countries to private investors has been released and the report is less negative than some expected. The report supports the sale of land by poor nations in order to boost agricultural production but it advocates for a set of guidelines to be followed to insure local land rights are upheld, food security is improved and local residents are protected. To read more on this issue:

Click here for the Financial Times story on the report.

Click here for the full 164-page report.

Our take: The scramble by investors, private companies and governments to secure food production underlines the rising demand for productive farmland and underscores the strength of demand underpinning U.S. farmland values.

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