Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Published on: 18:37PM Jan 10, 2013

 Greetings! I am excited to join the AgWeb community and share my insight and analysis on legal issues that affect America’s farmers and ranchers.  I look forward to discussing these matters and interacting with readers. 

First, I will share a little about my background.  I am from Amelia, Virginia, a small community in Southside Virginia.  I grew up on a small beef cattle farm and have a strong appreciation for the rural lifestyle.  Like many of you, I had many valuable experiences in 4-H and FFA including livestock showing and judging.  I studied animal science and agricultural economics at Virginia Tech.  During my summers I worked on cattle farms and ranches in Virginia, South Dakota, and Wyoming.  These experiences gave me a greater appreciation for the varied challenges faced by producers across the country.  From there, I went to Purdue University where I received a master’s degree in agricultural economics.  After working as an agribusiness consultant and an economist with USDA, I chose to pursue a law degree from the University of Richmond.  Given my interest and background in agriculture, I decided to apply my legal training to the field of agricultural law.
I am now an attorney with OFW Law, a Washington, DC-based law firm that works with agricultural clients and clients with issues before USDA and FDA.  My work is primarily in litigation, with a focus on agricultural law and environmental law.  I relish my work and the opportunity that it provides me to advocate for American agriculture.
I will use this blog as a platform to discuss, in plain English, some of the pressing issues facing agricultural producers.  America’s farmers and ranchers face a number of challenges to stay afloat in a competitive market.  Increasingly, legal issues ranging from environmental compliance, odor nuisance suits, water rights, biotech seed, pesticide drift, and property rights are playing a significant factor in a producer’s business decisions.  I hope to shed light on these important issues and stay at the forefront of new developments.
I will not use this blog as a mere advertisement of my services.  I will do my best to avoid discussing an issue that involves a client and provide disclosure if I ever do.  This blog should also not serve as a substitute for legal advice.  If you have a real legal matter you should seek the assistance of your attorney.  
I will be allowing readers to comment on blogs that I post.  I hope that the discussions will be constructive and helpful.
Once again, I am proud to be on board and excited to get started!
John Dillard is an attorney with Olsson Frank Weeda Terman Matz P.C. (OFW Law), a Washington, DC-based firm that serves agricultural clients and clients with issues before federal and state courts, EPA, FDA, USDA, and OSHA.  John focuses his practice on agricultural and environmental law.  He occasionally tweets at @DCAgLawyer