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Crunch the Numbers before Switching from Corn to Beans

Published on: 16:08PM May 10, 2013

Before making a final decision on switching any acres/farms from corn to soybean due to delayed planting, consider some of the following factors. Cropping history, soil conditions, calendar date, seed availability, work load capacity, Basis, and price ratio between corn vs. soybeans.

Additionally, take a look at this Corn versus Soybeans Profit Spreadsheet to analyze how yield and price differences affect your gross revenue.

Listen to an audio report about the tool:


Many of the scenarios I've been running to this point favor planting corn well into June; however, every operation is unique, so I encourage you to spend a few minutes analyzing your individual situation. There can be more than $100 per acre of benefit one way or the other depending on your specific situation.


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