What Do You Consider When Selecting Wheat Varieties?

Published on: 09:36AM Sep 22, 2011

Question: To pick good wheat varieties, what factors do you tell farmers to consider?

 Answer: There is no substitute for evaluating varieties on your own farm. Review local and state wheat variety performance data and compare the results with your own experience to select three high-yielding varieties with the characteristics which suit your soils, climate and management style. In addition, I strongly encourage all producers to plant at least three recently released high-yield potential varieties alongside those used on the farm. Normally, a grower can obtain a couple of bags of each of these new varieties before they become commercial the following year. When selecting varieties, there are a number of important considerations I tell farmers to consider, including:
  • High yield potential
  • Good test weight
  • Height and standability characteristics
  • Maturity—ideally, select a range of maturities
  • Standards of disease resistance, including leaf rust, tan spot, mildew, fusarium head scab
  • Tolerance to drought
  • Good tillering ability