What N Source Is Best For Sidedress Applications?

Published on: 14:04PM Oct 31, 2011

Question: What N Source Is Best For Sidedress Applications?

Answer: For sidedress application, farmers have a choice in what nitrogen product to apply. Many ask if there is an agronomic difference between 28% and anhydrous ammonia. At sidedress, as far as the plant’s uptake of the nitrogen, these products will both convert to nitrate for its uptake. The difference between these two is their timing for availability. If you had yellow corn, and you were to sidedress the corn to make it green, 28% has nitrate, and that turns corn back green. So you’ll see a quicker response to 28%. Anhydrous ammonia is different. With anhydrous, you create a core, and it could be 14 days for nitrogen to be released from that core. If you are sidedressing green corn, it’ll mineralize back slower and be more stable. Beyond that if you have enough nitrogen to keep corn green at sidedress, it won’t make a difference which product you use.
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