How Do I Know If I Have Nematodes?

Published on: 22:36PM Jun 28, 2010

Question: How do I know if I have corn nematode problems? A lot of my neighbors think they have had significant nematode damage in past years, and many guys in the area are trying the new seed treatments to control these pests.


Answer: The nematode problem is getting bigger across the Corn Belt. Less tillage, corn-on-corn rotations and other factors are increasing nematode pressures in many fields.


You can take a sample yourself and send it in for analysis. While nematodes are tough on corn, these microscopic-sized pests are quite fragile and easily destroyed if not handled gently during the sampling process.


In this video, Missy Bauer, Associate Field Agronomist for Farm Journal, provides some simple directions to insure your sampling success. Talk with your extension specialist or seed salesman for more details.


You can learn more about nematode pressures, identification, diagnostics, and ongoing Farm Journal Test Plots research at this summer’s CornCollege. The one-day session on Friday July 23 has 20 spots left for registration. Visit: