How Much Attention Should I Pay To Micronutrients?

Published on: 15:56PM Jul 25, 2011

Question:  How much attention should I pay to the type and amount of micronutrients in my soils?

Answer:  In our efforts to boost corn yields, the presence and availability of micronutrients will become an increasingly common factor that farmers will want to address. It’s rare that fields are suddenly deficient in a micronutrient. Usually there’s an underlying issue that is contributing to the problem, such as high soil pH, for instance. The other thing to consider is that nutrient deficiencies aren’t always easy to distinguish between at a glance. For instance, a sulfur deficiency often looks like a nitrogen deficienc. The only way to know for sure what nutrients your fields lack is for you to do soil and tissue tests. 
Be on the lookout for sulfur deficiencies in your crops.
You can easily misdiagnose this problem.