Is It Too Late To Replant Corn?

Published on: 18:09PM Jun 12, 2011

Question: Is it too late to replant corn?

Answer: As you probably already know, it’s really questionable whether you should replant corn at this point. That said, here are some thoughts that Bob Nielsen, Purdue University corn specialist, shared with Farm Journal editors about replanting corn at this time in the season.
1.                         Calendar date. The date is getting awfully late, he says. Historical yield potential drops off so substantially that you have to have a really low stand of corn at this point to even think about replanting.
2.                         Stand assessment. Would you be planting the entire field or just part of the field?  Nielsen suggests taking a careful assessment of the surviving population of a field and weighing that against the potential for lower yields of something planted this late. "This is not a straightforward estimate to make because there are so many factors,” he says. "But, this kind of assessment is important.”
3.                         Herbicides. Have you already put down corn herbicides on this field? If you have, he says, you are probably restricted from planting soybeans in that field. So, you can either try your hand at replanting or hope for the best.
If you do decide to replant some corn, Nielsen suggests trying to find a hybrid with strong disease resistance: "Late planted corn can have the potential for more disease problems, as a disease can attack a corn plant when it is younger, letting the disease have more time to develop.”
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