Know How Your Corn Hybrid Utilizes Nitrogen

Published on: 13:27PM Sep 10, 2010

Question: I know you say understanding how your corn hybrids use nitrogen is important, but I’m not sure why. I’m picking hybrids for next year and would like to know about that.

Answer: Knowing how a corn hybrid responds to nitrogen can help you determine where to place that particular hybrid in your fields and how to manage the nitrogen that it needs. Part of that process includes knowing that the amount of carbon present in a field impacts nitrogen availability. I call this the carbon penalty, and I believe it’s good that growers know that large volumes of crop residue will lead to the immobilization of nitrogen in their fields. In corn-on-corn or fields with a high carbon penalty, plan on using extra caution in managing nitrogen with those hybrids that prefer it early. If you plant hybrids that like nitrogen late on soils with high susceptibility to leaching and denitrification, a late-season nitrogen application may be beneficial.
Check out these tools for more information about nitrogen use in corn.
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