Chipotle Places Bullseye on Conventional Dairies

Published on: 22:26PM Aug 05, 2016

Recently Chipotle Restaurants redesigned their cups. The new cups feature their statement about the dairy industry.


[Photo credit: Lisa Leach]

As you can imagine dairy farmers are upset about the cups. Lisa Leach, a Kansas dairy farmer, wrote Chipotle a note on Facebook. “Chipotle, I'm calling you out. This holier than thou attitude makes my blood boil. I'd love to herd your executives out to my pasture on a day like yesterday. Temps at 101, heat index at 107. Sure, you'd have shade, grass, and water. Let's see how long before you were stressed. By the end of the day, some of you might be fighting for your life. My cows spent the day in the barn with sand bedded stalls, fans, water soaking them for 1 minute every 5 minutes, and fresh feed and water available,” she wrote. “And as far as antibiotics go, all milk is antibiotic free. You know that but feel the need to make it a marketing ploy. I treat my cows that get sick with antibiotics and dump their milk down the drain. I test the milk after the proper withhold time and when it tests free of antibiotics, back in the tank it goes. So are you implying antibiotics are a bad thing? Shall we ask the hundreds of people that were sickened at your restaurants if they needed medications to recover? Are they now tainted because they were once treated with antibiotics as you imply a cow would be if she were once treated with the proper medications?”

Chipotle has a history of pointing fingers at conventional segments of the agriculture industry: whether that’s antibiotic free meet, free range chickens or now grass-fed dairy.