A Free Woman

Published on: 15:44PM Apr 29, 2011


We live in the greatest nation on earth. We are successful, industrious, entrepreneurial and free. Each is blessed to be able to pursue the American dream, but I am especially fortunate. I should not be extra thankful to live in America because I of my faith or western heritage but because I am a woman.
Often American women take their freedoms and liberties for granted.Not every woman around the world has the ability or opportunity to have a career. Not every woman is given the chance to speak her mind. Not every woman in the world is valued by her family. Many countries still prohibit women from voting, making business transactions and even showing their faces in public. My heart cries for these women.
While many continue to suffer complete submission, women in some countries are working very hard to turn the tide and give girls hope for the future. With the help of programs like the World Food Programme, Red Cup Program, girls in Afghanistan are given worth in the eyes of their families as they bring home wheat from school. Watch as farmer Kip Tom witnesses this initiative firsthand.

After watching this film I was reminded that no matter what things are happening in my life, I am extremely blessed. I am a free woman.