Better Luck In The Meat Case

Published on: 17:49PM Feb 14, 2011


“What do you mean Valentine’s Day? I thought all those hearts in Wal-Mart were for “I Heart Beef” month!” – My Cattleman (kidding of course)
Valentine’s Day is upon us once again. This is the day that many look forward to and some dread. Me, I’m indifferent. Not because I don’t have a significant other (I do and he’s great) but because I feel like we should do nice things for the people we love EVERY day! While Valentine’s Day is known across the globe as the feature of February, I would like to highlight another great quality of this heart filled month. 
February is "I Heart Beef" month! Which is fitting because 51% of Americans agree that beef says “I Love You” more than all the other proteins combined. During the month of February the beef checkoff focuses on promoting the 29 lean cuts of beef as the “Romantic Protein”. Their website says, “Take your relationship to the next level and learn something about the beef you love.” Today the internet is buzzing with beef recipes and stories about beef production as many people choose beef for their “Valentine’s Day Meal”.
Beef really is the safe way to go. There are so many gift options and so many expectations of the male population on this day; what’s a guy to do? I mean I can only imagine the pressure they must feel. They just want to impress their girls, it must be awful! Fortunately, mine knows me very well and sent me an excellent surprise. Unfortunately, you can’t mail steak very well.  
Now this is just my opinion, but I would rather have steak than roses. Naturally, when I went to Wal-Mart today and saw several farmers working hard to find flowers for their wives I wanted more than anything to say, “Sir, you’ll have better luck in the meat case!”
Learn more about“I Heart Beef” month and the beef checkoff at their website

I heart Beef