Have you heard the news?

Published on: 10:53AM Mar 30, 2011

Do you ever wonder what is happening on farms around the country? I sure do. Like many others I knew that agriculture had to be different across the country, but I never fully understood just how different it was until I went to college. 
Growing up in California, I knew that agriculture was diverse, we grow over 420 different commodities, but I didn’t realize that production of the same thing could be as different as it is. When I went to college at Oklahoma State University, my world and perspective were expanded in a major way. Most of my friends were from other parts of the country also, so I gained knowledge about cattle production from Wyoming to New Mexico and from Georgia to home and back. I saw wheat growing in the field for the first time (we don’t grow wheat much at home), I visited places in New Mexico with stocking rates so tough they can only put a dozen AUEs on a section (and I thought Daddy had it bad), and for the first time in my life I lived in a state that was green in the summer! Needless to say, learning about agriculture across America is something that makes me smile every time, it’s just AMAZING.
For that very reason I’ve loved our crop comments blog, but now, I LOVE the new crop comments page. Have you seen it? On the page you not only get to see the latest comments from farmers across the country, but there is a dynamic map that really puts things in perspective. It is amazing to see the differences, in crops like wheat, across the nation. When a farmer gets excited about planting soon I get excited too! I get goose bumps when I hear that your crops are dying and I feel for ya when you need rain. 
Hearing from you about your farms is one of my favorite parts of my job, so keep those comments coming. You can send us anything, short or long, good news or bad. I want to hear about when you’re going to put down nitrogen, when your seed arrives, when it is in the ground and when you harvest too! You know what is neat? I’m not the only one who wants to know. Other farmers love reading your comments nearly more than I do. You can send comments via email ([email protected]), the submission form on the Crop Comments page, Facebook or Twitter, the blog or you can pick up the phone and call me… I’d love to hear from ya! (573.581.1585)