The World's Largest Livestock Show

Published on: 17:11PM Mar 10, 2011


Your ears ring at the sound of blowers. The smell of dust, shavings and aerosol products fill the air. You know you won’t leave the building clean, but you’re sure to wear pressed jeans and a cute top anyway. Where are you? A livestock show of course!
I love a good livestock show, even if I’m not the one showing! Being surrounded by shows since the time I was able to walk has instilled in me a passion and freaky love for hard bleachers, inhaling dust, eating junk food and using a lot of hairspray. Only when there is livestock on the other side of the panels of course!
Tomorrow marks the first day of, the “World’s Largest Livestock Show”, the Oklahoma Youth Expo (OYE). OYE began in 1915 and is now a tradition for most Oklahoma families. The show plans to host 14,250 cattle, sheep, swine and goat entries this year.  
Oklahoma Youth Expo
The show hosts the best of the best from Oklahoma and the surrounding area. Although I won't be able to attned this year, I want to wish good luck to all the exhibitors. HAVE FUN!
I encourage you to check out the OYE website and their Facebook Page!