Can You Throw Away A Tool?

Published on: 14:02PM Jul 18, 2019

The bosses recently had me move from one shop building to another. I'd been in that shop for 27 years, and found the move both interesting and traumatic.

The interesting part was finding all the tools and gadgets and accessories I'd stashed in my corner over the years. It was like opening a time capsule. I found components for machines I haven't worked on in 20 years, tools I had forgot I'd made for specific repairs, and "things" that I'd obviously fabricated to help with a specific repair on a specific machine that I no longer have any idea what they're for. I also found several boxes of damaged, bent, or surplus tools. Realistically, if I'd forgotten I had those tools, then I must not use them very often, so I might as well get rid of them.

So why are those boxes sitting in my garage at home? Have any of you been able to successfully throw away a tool? If so, I'd like to know your secret.