Sneak Peek: Field Guide Mobile App

Published on: 16:36PM Aug 01, 2012

I love a good sneak preview as much as anyone, so I was happy to catch up with Amie Dunn, marketing intelligence and communications manager with FMC, at the Ag PhD and Hefty Seed field day in Baltic, S.D. Dunn was there to beta test Field Guide, a new app developed jointly between FMC and Ag PhD. Beta testing is important because farmers will play a role in sharing and shaping content, Dunn says.

"We see this app as continually updating," she says. "That’s the great thing about a mobile application. It can continue to grow and change as the grower’s needs evolve."

The app will include a weed identification section, regular ag news updates, podcasts from Ag PhD and more. Users will also be able to upload their own field reports and read peer reports from their area. Dunn says Field Guide has been submitted to the Apple App Store for final approval and will be available on Android devices soon.

In the video clip below, Dunn walks through some of the Field Guide features: