Your Phone Basically Does Everything Now

Published on: 16:00PM Jun 06, 2012

I’m relatively late to embracing smartphone technology. I’ve only had my Android device since last May. There are so many useful tools, with more emerging by the day, that I still feel like I’m in "discovery mode."

I spent some time this March reviewing several dozen farming mobile apps. News, marketing, weather, agronomy – there really does seem to be an app for everything.

Computer and smartphone technology are becoming more ever-present on the farm. Today, for example, I read about how AgLeader is using SMS software for crop insurance reporting. It’s an easier means of exporting harvest data directly from your tractor cab to your (and your insurance agent’s) computer. Processes like this that may have once been a hassle are now little more than an afterthought.

I’m always excited to hear how farmers are using their smartphones. What are the apps you use the most? What apps do you wish existed that don’t now? Or do you think these devices are horribly overrated? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to visit the AgWeb app store if you haven’t already.