Soup and Sandwich

Published on: 18:18PM Jan 31, 2014

Congratulations to Tim from Iowa and Kelly from Virginia who were the winners of our Gourmet Meat Snacks Giveaway from Simply Snackin!
For those who are getting froze in or snowed in here are some soup and hot sandwich recipes starting with
Suzanne’s Turkey Tortilla Soup…….and followed by…….(click the title next to the photo to get the recipe).

Taco Soup – a taco twist on chili with two versions of the recipe to try
Skinny Macs – the lowfat homemade Big Mac – better than the real thing!
Sugar and Spice Sliders – a sweet and spicy loose meat sandwich
Jenny’s White Chicken Chili – a creamy mexican chicken soup
Crab Chowder – the classic crab chowder
Italian Wedding Soup – mini meatballs in a classic Italian soup
Kristina’s Steak Sandwich – easy as made in the oven in a cast iron skillet
Beer Cheese Soup – Very easy - won a soup/chili cookoff contest.

Upcoming recipes…..
Grandma’s Homemade Chicken and Noodles – in case you are catching a cold or for when you are feeling the blues.
Creamed Venison – for the deer hunters – a great one to make when your son or grandson shoots his first deer.
Suzanne’s Cheeseburger Soup – a great soup for those winter nights.
Poor Man’s Pie – an oatmeal pie that is among the top favorites at our house.
Spinach Dip – perfect as a lunch for two paired with a glass of white wine or served up party style for a group.

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