‘Bird-Safe’ Cows

Published on: 20:41PM Aug 05, 2016

As the Olympics gear up to begin in Rio, the state of Brazil’s political, economic and infrastructural state has been in several headlines. Raw sewage in ocean water, alarmingly high amounts of crime and poverty rule the city… Not to mention an uptick in the Zika Virus throughout the country and 23 killings so far in 2016 involving environmentalist and agribusiness. With all this turmoil, we’re lucky to have MOTHERBOARD steer us straight to point out the country’s biggest issue: Cow killing birds. Yep, according the website, there is a need for beef that doesn’t trample nesting birds, which leads us to Alianza del Pastizal (Grassland Alliance) a premium program that lets conscious consumers buy all-natural beef (whatever that means) raised in an “extra-sustainable” and bird friendly way. We can’t make this stuff up.  

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Dirty Mayo Business

As if the thought of vegan mayo isn’t bad enough, Just Mayo’s business plan is enough to make the lettuce on any BLT wilt. Back in 2014, Jack Tetrick, managed to rally $90 million out of investors for the vegan startup, Hampton Creek Inc., which had already secured shelf space for eggless Just Mayo at leading supermarkets like Walmart, Kroger and Safeway. But there was one minor detail Tetrick left out, the one involving his cronies buying massive amounts of Just Mayo from said supermarkets to make it look like consumer demand for a crappy vegan mayo was at an all-time high. According to reporting by Bloomberg, expense reports and cash advances were made to multiple Hampton Creek employees tracking them to the scheme, along with multiple emails. Tetrick has taken a politician approach to the subject at hand, stating that the purchases were made for quality control, which smells about as good as a vegan sandwich tastes.

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