COOL Conundrum

Published on: 19:35PM Apr 13, 2015

Last fall the World Trade Organization ruled for the third time since 2011 that the U.S. country of origin food labeling (COOL) law created a “technical barrier” to trade. To date, the U.S. has not budged on the rule, and Canada and Mexico are threatening retaliatory measures. Next month the WTO is expected to issue a final ruling on the dispute.  All of which calls into question the European Union’s COOL requirements. Recently, COOL restrictions were extended in Europe so that no packaged unprocessed meat product may now be legally sold in any European Union member country without a label stating where the animal was reared and slaughtered. Europe’s new law, effective April 1, covers fresh, chilled and frozen meat from sheep, goats, pigs and poultry. That has some folks scratching their heads as to why European COOL was extended while the American version was rejected by the WTO.

What’s The Matter With Texas?

Texans tend to support the idea of personal freedom, and the state likes to promote their western heritage. But apparently they draw the line at riding a horse down to the local Taco Bell. Rick Braun and some of his fellow horse riders found that out the hard way when they were ticketed for “riding animal on public street,” in Allen, Tex. City officials say they warned the cowboys, and claim the horses present a safety hazard in the city of 84,000. Braun says he plans to contend the citation and possible $266 fine in court next week.

Food Stamp Fail

Oscar winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow is living this week on the $29 that food stamps will buy. It’s called the Food Bank Challenge, and it’s her attempt to draw attend to the plight of the 1.7 million New Yorker’s who rely on food stamps to live. Except, well…it hardly seems genuine when you have a net worth of around $140 million to fall back on. Her critics were plentiful on the Internet.

Cow Pasture Chase

An Oregon man was arrested for trespassing, methamphetamine possession and a few other charges after leading sheriff’s deputies and the Oregon State Police on a rangeland rodeo. The man was originally spotted by the land owner, who reported the trespasser driving a red pickup through the field with her cows.