Cow Mugshots

Published on: 18:46PM Apr 02, 2015

We’ve heard of a picture for a missing person on a milk carton before, but a picture of a missing cow that might have produced the milk is a bit odd. In the Indian state of Maharashtra police officers are rounding up mug shots of cattle. The pictures are being compiled into a database so local police can more easily identify cattle that go missing for farmers. Killing cattle is illegal in Maharashtra and so is the possession of beef, but that hasn’t stopped some criminals from butchering cattle. The registration program is hoped to limit any more harassment for farmers accused of the unlawful slaughtering of sacred cows.

Almost Lucky in Kentucky

The University of Kentucky hasn’t really needed luck this season in men’s basketball to run to through their schedule unscathed. A little luck might have been in the air when the Wildcats squeaked by the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame to send the team to the Final Four in hopes of being the first team since the Indiana Hoosiers in 1976. Now enter a steer running loose on the UK campus in Lexington. The bovine escaped from the abattoir at the university and ran at large for nearly two hours. Unluckily for the steer there were members of the UK Rodeo Team who were ready to rope and wrangle the maverick.

Ag April Fools’

Thanks to the internet and social media April Fools' Day has become a holiday for practical jokers around the globe to pull hilarious gags. In agriculture there were a few businesses, farmers and ranchers who took to social media to share their practical joke for the day. We especially like this prank we found from @EpicMealTime on Twitter. “Step 1: Find a vegetarian. Step 2: Sneak #bacon into their sandwich. Happy #AprilFools day!” That’s a joke that we would love to see all year!

Beer Sustainability

Sustainability has been a big buzz word in agriculture the past few years and it is even reaching beer brewers. AgWeb blogger Sara Hessenflow Harper sat down with Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.’s sustainability manager to find out what all the California brewery is doing to appeal to consumers. When it comes to environmental stewardship Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. has been doing their part by diverting 99.8% of the waste produced during the beer making process away from landfills.